January 4, 2020

Protecting My Boxwood Allee in Winter, Part 1

The great “burlapping" project continues at the farm.

As many of you know, I’ve been covering my boxwood shrubs and hedges with burlap for many years. The practice insulates the plants and keeps them safe from damaging winds, heavy snows, and freezing temperatures. With all the boxwood specimens around my farm, this process takes several weeks to complete. The biggest part of the project is down by the stable, at my long Boxwood Allee. In the past, we’ve covered this allee using burlap and teepee-like frames constructed out of bamboo. A few years ago, we began using stronger materials such as wooden stakes and metal frames under the burlap. This year, I decided to use the same metal used to make hoop houses - strong industrial steel ground uprights and purlin pipes. These materials would not only provide the necessary support for the burlap but would also accommodate the growing boxwood. I ordered all the piping from Growers Solution, a family-owned business in Cookeville, Tennessee and one of the leading greenhouse manufacturing and supply companies in the country. I also enlisted the help of Carlos Triguero and his crew from Trigueros Family Farm Inc. in nearby Brewster, to move the antique fencing behind the boxwood to make room.

Enjoy these photos.