February 6, 2020

Early Mornings Around My Farm

Some of the prettiest photos of my Bedford, New York farm are those taken early in the morning as the sun is rising.

Liz Malone, who you may have seen in previous blogs, is helping me to archive my enormous collection of photos, files, and other media press clippings. A couple times a week, Liz stays at the farm to avoid the long commute to and from New York City. She is also training for her fourth marathon - this time in Los Angeles on March 8th. During her early morning runs around my Cantitoe Corners property, Liz occasionally stops to take pictures of the landscape, the foliage, and the beautiful sky.

It’s always fun to view the familiar through someone else’s lens - enjoy these images.


I took this short video of Liz running up the Pin Oak Allee after jogging nine-miles around the farm.