March 19, 2020

Ginger Lemon Brown Sugar Tea

Since many of you are home with your families practicing social distancing, be sure to catch my “FaceTime” appearance on NBC's TODAY Show this morning at 8:45am ET. I’ll be at my Bedford, New York farm and host Savannah Guthrie will be broadcasting from her home - we’ll be discussing healthy foods and drinks that boost the immune system.

On my Instagram page earlier this week, I posted a short video demonstrating how to make my Ginger Lemon Brown Sugar Tea - a tasty tonic filled with vitamins and nutrients to soothe irritated throats. If you missed it, I posted it below, but you can also go to @marthastewart48 or @marthastewart to watch the clip and to see other great tips and ideas for passing the time at home productively. Plus, don't forget to read our magazine "Living" and to visit our web site at for lots of information and inspiration. If there is something you'd like us to cover, let us know - we are here to help you all get through this most challenging time.   

Enjoy these photos.