April 23, 2020

Pruning and Grooming the Japanese Maples

There are a lot of garden chores underway at my Bedford, New York farm. And now that I am spending more time at home, I'm happy to get outside and work.

This time of year, everyone is prepping the garden beds, cleaning up the woodlands, and doing lots of spring pruning and grooming. Pruning is about more than just looks; proper pruning improves the health of the plants, prevents disease, and encourages better flowering. There are different pruning strategies for different times of the year, but overall the goals are the same - to control the shape, to keep bushes and trees fresh and open, and to allow for better air circulation through the center of the specimen. Yesterday, in between video conferences and business calls, I spent hours in my Japanese maple tree woodland caring for my beautiful trees. Many of them are varieties of Acer palmatum - trees that have been cultivated in Japanese gardens for centuries. These trees are so special to me. They provide countless variations in size, leaf shape, and color, creating a landscape of beauty and texture.

Here are some photos, enjoy.