July 13, 2020

Hanging Artwork, Plates, and Mirrors

My Winter House decorating project continues...

During the early stages of this quarantine, I decided it was time to refresh some of the rooms in my Winter House - it seemed like the perfect opportunity since I could be home to oversee all the work. Not long ago, I had the carpets replaced and took several pieces of furniture to a local upholsterer for recovering. The next stage was to hang pieces on the walls - decorative plates, mirrors, and artwork. Because some of the items were heavy and needed precise positioning, I called on an expert to help. David Kassel owns ILevel, the only company in New York City that specializes exclusively in arranging and securely installing all types of art - paintings, prints, fragile plates, mirrors, posters, drawings, and family photo collections. Using design and technical skills, David and his team work alongside major galleries, corporations, private collectors, and homeowners. Over the years, David has worked on many projects for our magazine, "Living." He's also hung pieces for my daughter, Alexis. And last week, he was here at my Bedford farm hanging dozens of decorative pieces around my home.

Enjoy these photos and tips.