September 14, 2020

Granite Posts for My Asian Pear Espalier

I'm looking forward to seeing many delicious fruits growing on my new Asian pear espalier.

Recently, my outdoor grounds crew planted 10 espalier Asian pear trees in front of my peafowl yard. I love Asian pears - they're firm, crisp and delightfully sweet. They're less juicy than European pears, but are wonderful to eat fresh and great for cooking. Once the trees were planted, it was time to install the four granite posts that will support the wire-strung form used in training espalier trees. These posts are the same 18th century Chinese granite uprights I use to support my long clematis pergola, my blueberries, raspberries, and my espalier apple trees near my Winter House.

Here are more photos of this interesting project, enjoy.