September 15, 2020

Manicuring the Gardens

Lots of late summer gardening chores are getting done around my Bedford, New York farm.

Last week, the crew trimmed the long hornbeam hedge that runs in front of my Summer House, and along the road behind my Winter House. They also tackled the two large hornbeams in front of my Summer House entrance. Botanically known as Carpinus, the hornbeam is deciduous and fast growing - in fact, it can grow about four to five feet per year. I keep a close eye on all the hornbeams, so they never look too overgrown and unruly. Also on the list - trimming the boxwood in the garden outside my Green Parlor. I love boxwood, Buxus, and have hundreds of these bold green shrubs. They've grown quite a bit this summer. I take very special care of these specimens and make sure they are also pruned and groomed regularly - in gardening, so much of it is in the details.

Enjoy these photos.