January 20, 2021

Liz's Antique Hardware in Los Angeles

I always try to include as much as I can during my business trips, so they are productive and fun. My most recent visit to California filled two days with television shoots, delicious food, and artistry.

Last week, I traveled to Los Angeles for some important media commitments. When I wasn’t needed on set, I tried to safely visit shops and other establishments that could provide information and inspiration - for myself and for our businesses. One stop was Liz's Antique Hardware, owned by author, curator, and residential hardware expert, Liz Gordon. Liz's Antique Hardware has an amazing collection of household objects, such as drawer pulls, towel racks, sconces, doorknobs, hinges, handles, hooks, and more - there was so much to see in every aisle.

Here are some photos, enjoy.