January 23, 2021

Where to Find "Good Things"

If you don't already, please follow our Instagram page @MarthaStewartGoodThings - our new platform for providing all those brilliant life-simplifying solutions you've come to love over the years.

Every day, we're posting helpful "Good Things" - original and personal hints from me, our team, and many classics from my latest book, “Martha Stewart's Very Good Things: Clever Tips & Genius Ideas for an Easier, More Enjoyable Life" published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I hope you have your copy - it's in bookstores right now! We'll share "Good Things" for decorating, cleaning, organizing, gardening, entertaining, celebrating, cooking, and more. We'll also post them on our new web site, MarthaStewartGoodThings.com, where you can enter your chance to win a copy of the book, personally signed by me! Everyone needs "Good Things" - and now there are many ways to find them!

Enjoy these photos.