March 20, 2021

Maintaining the Seedlings in My Greenhouse

Today is the first official day of spring and here at my Bedford, New York farm, we're expecting plentiful sunshine with temperatures in the high 50s.

Inside my main greenhouse, all the seeds we started for the gardening season are growing nicely - most of them are from Johnny's Selected Seeds, a source I've used for many years. Soon, it will be time to transplant them into the outdoor vegetable and flower beds, but for now, they are being nurtured indoors where temperature, humidity and light can be properly controlled. Starting from seed is not difficult to do, but it does require careful attention and patience. And, once the seedlings start to develop, it’s important to keep up with maintenance care - thin out seedlings that are weak, prick out those that are growing too big for their seed starting trays, and transplant them into larger pots and flats.

Enjoy these photos.