May 13, 2021

A Spring Dinner at My Farm, Part 1

I love entertaining at home, especially when I can incorporate my own garden-grown vegetables and herbs into the menu.

This week, I hosted a dinner for 11 at my Bedford, New York farm. I invited a few riends over to join me for a special premiere viewing of my new show "Clipped" - a fun and interesting topiary competition on Discovery+. I hope you watched it - if not, you can sign up and stream today! Chef Pierre Schaedelin, from PS Tailored Events, and I, planned a delicious menu - spring risotto with black Conica morel mushrooms, Selle D'Agneau with house grown herbs, asparagus, turnips, and baby carrots, Pommes Anna, and for dessert, poached rhubarb Pavlova with whipped cream.

Here are some photos of the preparations.