July 22, 2021

Growing Wildflowers

My flower gardens continue to delight all who visit.

I have many different gardens at my Bedford, New York farm. In one area tucked behind my main greenhouse, I have a small garden filled with wildflowers. We first planted it last year with a mix of sunflowers, cosmos, coreopsis, calendula, and baby's breath. All the seeds came from Pennington. At first, we were not sure how the flowers would do, but they all came up beautifully, creating a meadow-like collection of gorgeous orange, yellow and white blooms.

Enjoy these photos of this season's "miniature-meadow." Also, tune in to QVC today at 3pm ET when I celebrate "Christmas in July" with some of the newest items from my holiday collection! I'll be on for a special two-hour show - don't miss it!