August 17, 2021

A New Rose Garden at My Farm

One thing I love is the intoxicating scent of a garden rose - especially an English rose.

Earlier this year, I designed a new garden behind my main greenhouse not far from my raspberry bushes. This space had previously been used for planting dahlias, but I decided it would be an excellent area for planting a variety of David Austin roses. Every gardener and rose expert is familiar with the rose hybridizer, David Austin, who started as a hobby breeder when he was a teen and went on to breed a collection of roses renowned around the world. His specimens have exquisite blooms and the most alluring fragrances. My new rose garden was first planted in late May - you may have seen glimpses of it on my show, "Martha Gets Down and Dirty" on Discovery+. And this week, so many of the roses are blooming.

Enjoy these photos.