August 18, 2021

Blooming White Hydrangeas and Other Lush Plantings

There's always something beautiful blooming at my farm - this time of year, it's the big, white hydrangeas.

I love hydrangeas and have been growing them for a long time. Hydrangeas are popular ornamental plants, grown for their large flower heads, which are excellent in cut arrangements and for drying. I have lots of hydrangeas growing in a border located across from my vegetable garden and chicken coops. I also have hydrangeas blooming on one side of my tennis court - the flowers are so big, they can be seen from the carriage road. Nearby, I also have a variety of lush plants and trees that are also looking so spectacular this year - the Styrax japonicus, the Osage orange, the hostas, and the crepe myrtles.

Enjoy these photos.