September 28, 2021

My Tenant House Garden

Many of the flowering plants around my Bedford, New York farm are gone, but there's still a lot of beautiful and interesting foliage to enjoy.

The area behind my Tenant House, where my daughter and grandchildren stay when they visit, is filled with shade-loving plants. A couple of years ago, I had several trees taken down from this garden - six 125-foot trees were leaning dangerously close to the structure and had to be removed for safety reasons. I then planted two 10 to 12-foot Japanese maples in the space that will someday provide a little shade to the specimens below. Several smaller Japanese maples were planted last year. Some of the plants in this garden include hellebores, brunnera, hostas, European wild ginger, Astiboides, ferns, lady's mantle, thalictrum, and syneilesis.

Here are some photos, enjoy.