October 1, 2021

A New Stone Yard, Part 1

A big outdoor project is underway at my Bedford, New York farm.

One area of the farm is designated as my stone yard, a place where extra inventory of the many types of stones used at the farm are kept - slate shingles, marble flooring, granite posts, etc.  Recently, I decided the space, which is located outside my vegetable garden and across the carriage road from my citrus greenhouse, would be better suited for something else, so I decided to move the stone yard a few feet away in a corner of one of the horse paddocks, where all the materials could be more organized and tidy. In order to do this, fencing had to be removed and reconstructed, posts had to be repositioned, and the area had to be prepped for stacking thousands of pounds of stone.

Here are some photos of the first phase of this multiple-step process, enjoy.