November 3, 2021

A Gift of Japanese Maple Trees

Here at my Bedford, New York farm, we love Japanese maples.

Earlier this week, my friend interior designer Steven Gambrel called me up and told me he was redoing the landscaping around his home and had three mature Japanese maples he no longer needed. He asked if I would be interested in taking them and of course, I said yes. My outdoor grounds crew, gardener, and I picked them up right away - 12 to 15 foot trees already dug up and waiting to be transported. Few trees are as beautiful as the Japanese maple. With more than a thousand varieties and cultivars including hybrids, the iconic Japanese maple tree is among the most versatile small trees for use in the garden. It's a big task to plant the heavy specimens, but I knew exactly where the first one would go, and it looks terrific.

Here are some photos, enjoy.