January 18, 2022

Potting New Succulents for My Greenhouse

Among my favorite plants are the exotic forms of succulents. I have many potted up in my greenhouse - they make excellent container specimens.

In my last blog, I shared photos from The Tropics, Inc., a large family-owned botanical gallery of tropical plants, trees, orchids, and other vintage and decorative accessories for residential and corporate use, real estate staging, and television and film projects. While I visited the shop, I admired the beautiful Abromeitiella brevifolia mounds - terrestrial bromeliads with small rosettes of fleshy triangular leaves. I hope you saw some of the stunning plants in the current issue of "Living." As the plant matures, it will grow in diameter. And when the plant produces flowers, they will emerge from the center of the small grayish green rosettes. I am always searching for rare and interesting plants and decided to add a few Abromeitiella brevifolia mounds to my collection.

Enjoy these photos.