June 22, 2022

A Visit to Lyndhurst

If you're ever in or near Westchester County, New York, please take some time to visit Lyndhurst, a magnificent Gothic Revival country estate located on 67 sweeping acres along the banks of the Hudson River in Tarrytown.

Lyndhurst was owned and shaped by three prominent area families - The Pauldings, The Merritts, and lastly, by railroad tycoon and financier, Jay Gould. Purchased in 1880, Jay occupied the home until his death in 1892. In 1961, his daughter Anna Gould donated it to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The estate features 16 elaborately decorated rooms - many lovingly restored and including original furniture left in the home. The surrounding park is an outstanding example of 19th-century landscape design with expansive lawns, specimen tree groves, and curved carriage roads. The property also includes a Bowling Alley, a Laundry Building, a Pool House, and the exterior of what was once considered the largest private greenhouse complex in the country.

Enjoy these photos. This week, Lyndhurst is hosting the 146th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I'll share lots of photos of that event in my next blog.