June 21, 2022

First Cut Hay 2022

We now have lots of newly baled hay here at my Bedford, New York farm. This first cut of the season is higher in fiber content and lower in protein and fat - all my horses will love it.

Hay is a harvested plant that’s dried and cured after being cut in the field. In most cases, hay is cut during the late bud or early bloom stage to maximize its nutritional value. Over the last week, my outdoor grounds crew foreman, Chhiring, and our entire team worked hard to cut, toss, rake, and then bale the hay in my fields. Ideally, after the hay is cut, it's good to let it dry for a couple of days before baling in order to prevent rot. Chhiring's son, Mingmar, who also works at the farm, took drone images to capture the process.

Enjoy these photos.