September 7, 2022

Much Needed Rain Falls Over My Farm

Here in Bedford, New York, we're expecting overcast skies today with highs in the 70s and maybe a few lingering showers - after a full day of good, steady rain.

We haven't had any soaking rains here since June. Much of this region has been under a drought "watch" for weeks. Here at my farm, I'm fortunate to have a strong well system, so we could keep all the gardens and groves adequately hydrated. But yesterday, we finally got some much needed precipitation - all the sprinklers were turned off and all the hoses were coiled and stored next to their designated bibs. It rained consistently for almost 24-hours dropping more than an inch of rain over my home. We still need some more, but this was a good start.

Here are some photos. And be sure to watch me on QVC today at 1pm when I share some of my newest Halloween decorations!