September 8, 2022

My Halloween & Harvest Collection on QVC

It's September... are you ready for fall and Halloween? I've got so many great offerings from my Collection on QVC.

I hope you caught my Halloween and Harvest broadcast yesterday. QVC Host, Terri Conn, and I did a two-hour LIVE show - I was at my Bedford, New York farm and Terri was in Pennsylvania at the QVC headquarters and studios. Together, we talked about some of my newest decorations. Among them, my Ceramic Pumpkin with Glitter Owl, my giant Indoor/Outdoor Halloween Candles, my Lit Gilded Fall Pumpkin Wreath and Garland, my Cast Iron Owl with LED Candle, my Resin Gilded Turkey and Pumpkins, my Lit Crystal Ball with Resin Stand, and more. All the products did so well - we got such a wonderful response on everything we showed. Some items sold out quickly, but you can still find lots of these great products on the QVC web site - just click on the highlighted link to see my Collection.

Here are some photos, enjoy.