November 17, 2022

Growing and Harvesting Saffron at My Farm

It is so exciting to grow the rare and vivid crimson-colored spice called saffron right here at my Bedford, New York farm.

Saffron comes from a flower called crocus sativus, also known as ‘saffron crocus’. It is a beautiful, purple flower with bright red threads, or stigmas, which make the luxurious spice. Over the last couple of years, my friend Hannah Milman has planted more than 10-thousand saffron corms in various areas around the property, including a large patch beneath the quince trees just outside my flower cutting garden. Saffron is planted in late summer and then harvested by hand from late October to early November. It's so much fun to see these flowers develop.

Enjoy these photos and please follow Hannah on Instagram @hannahcmilman to learn more about saffron.