November 16, 2022

More Great Guests on "The Martha Stewart Podcast"

It's Wednesday - and that means I'm releasing another original, interesting, and informative podcast! And this one is with fashion designer, Michael Kors. We'll talk about his creative vision, his tireless work, and what it takes to build and maintain his iconic American brand.

Since I launched "The Martha Stewart Podcast" with iHeart Media earlier this year, I've had a terrific lineup of guests. Most recently, I've recorded conversations with restaurateur Will Guidara, architect David Rockwell, Chef Jose Andres, interior designer Michael Smith, business entrepreneur Charlotte Beers, and my longtime publicist Susan Magrino. Some of my podcasts are taped right here at my Bedford, New York farm, while others are done in New York City at the Newsstand Studios in Rockefeller Center. These podcasts have been so much fun, and we're scheduling more and more for the weeks and months ahead, so be sure to take some time to listen on the iHeart Media App, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Enjoy these photos.