March 9, 2023

Breeding Season for My Geese

For geese, this time of year is very special. From mid-winter to early spring, it's mating season.

Here at my Bedford, New York farm, I have 16 geese - Sebastopol geese, Toulouse geese, African geese, Chinese geese, and of course my Pomeranian guard geese. Most of them live in a large enclosure outside my stable. Because geese prefer to breed in water, we lined up several pools on one side of the pen, which are cleaned and refilled a couple times a day. In another corner, they have a shelter that provides ample shade, protection from strong winds, and a safe place to nest and lay eggs. In general, males will court the females, but it is the goose that chooses her gander. In my gaggle, the pairs are pretty well established and happy. In fact, we're already incubating a few eggs.

Here are some of the latest photos of my beautiful geese.