March 8, 2023

Caring for My Slate Roofs

There’s always something going on at my Bedford, New York farm.

Owning a farm is a huge responsibility. Not only must I look after all my animals and gardens, but I also have to maintain the safety and upkeep of every house and structure on the property - that means staying on top of necessary repairs, replacements, and routine cleaning chores. Among the items every homeowner should watch is the roof. Here at the farm, I have several different roof types: cedar, lead coated copper, coated aluminum, glass, and slate. Not long ago, I noticed that some areas on my slate roofs needed attention. Delicate slate roofs can last a very long time - 100 years or more— if taken care of properly. We got to it right away, cleaning any grime and debris from all sides.

Enjoy these photos.