April 15, 2023

My Basket House Gets a New Roof

Another job on our long to-do list is now "done and dusted."

I love baskets - baskets of all different kinds. Over the years, I've collected a number of them from auctions, antiques fairs, and tag sales, or from the talented basket-making artisans themselves. When I moved to my Bedford, New York farm, I built a small structure to house my growing collection. The Basket House matched my home and all the other outbuildings on the property. Recently, I decided it was time to replace its timeworn Alaskan yellow cedar roof with a longer-lasting standing seam snap-lock roof system - the same type of roof that also covers my Stable Barn. A crew from Harbor Roofing in nearby Yonkers came by and finished the task quickly, efficiently, and neatly.

Here are some photos.