April 14, 2023

Adding Azaleas to the Garden

Developing any garden takes time, planning, and lots of patience.

A couple of years ago, I decided to create an azalea border along one side of the carriage road between my Summer House and my stable. I wanted to plant lots of colorful azaleas - a variety of unique specimens in shades of pink, orange, crimson, and white. I already have many azaleas growing and flourishing in this area, but I wanted to expand the collection. First, we planted about 170 azaleas on one side of the carriage road, and then another 200 on the other side. Every year since, my gardeners and I watch how the plants grow and add more where needed. Of all the shrubs that flower in spring, azaleas provide some of the most brilliant displays - I am looking forward to seeing this garden bloom later this season.

Enjoy these photos.