July 17, 2023

Grooming My Weeping Hornbeams

Here at my Bedford, New York farm today, we're cleaning up after the torrential weekend rains. We got quite a bit of damage - fallen trees due to lighting and oversaturated soil, excessive runoff that washed away gravel from the carriage roads, and flooded garden beds causing many of the vegetables to rot. It's a lot of work on top of an already long list of outdoor chores.

Last week, despite the hot and humid summer weather, my outdoor grounds crew worked hard pruning, grooming, and planting. Pasang Sherpa, who is our resident tree expert here dedicated a few days to the six beautiful weeping hornbeams that line one side of what I call my "soccer field" - a large, flat area where my grandson, Truman, loves to play. Botanically known as Carpinus betulus 'pendula', the weeping hornbeam is deciduous and has a tight, dense growth pattern. I keep a close eye on all my hornbeams - it’s crucial that they be pruned regularly, so they never look too overgrown and unruly.

Here are some photos, enjoy. And check out my Instagram page @MarthaStewart48 to see some of the damage caused by this recent storm.