November 13, 2023

Wild Seafood of Alaska and Season 3 of "Martha Cooks" on The Roku Channel

Shows from another interesting and informational season of "Martha Cooks" are now available exclusively on The Roku Channel. Be sure to stream the free episodes!

On one show, I am joined by Hannah Heimbuch, a lifelong Alaskan and third-generation commercial fisherman. Hannah owns and operates a small fishing vessel and set net site that harvests wild Alaska salmon in the North Pacific. Being a commercial fisherman is a physically demanding and challenging job, with long hours in unpredictable weather conditions. Hannah is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about fishing, and when not on her boat, she spends time as a fisheries advocate supporting the sustainable fishing practices in the state.

Here are some photos of Hannah at work. Please visit Alaska Seafood for more information. And don't forget to stream the newest season of "Martha Cooks" - it's a culinary world tour!