January 31, 2024

Cutting Down Crabapple Trees

Maintaining a healthy landscape sometimes means cutting down trees.

I love trees and always feel bad when trees are cut down. Trees are crucial to our environment - they provide breathable oxygen, they absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, and they help create an ecosystem of food for birds and other animals. However, occasionally trees need to be removed. In the back hayfield just off the carriage road is a grove of spruce trees. At some point, we had planted a few crabapple trees in the same area, but after years of growth, they began to block out light, killing various branches from the neighboring spruce. Yesterday, I instructed my crew to take the crabapple trees down. The cut tree wood will be added to the pile for the tub grinder, and be turned into usable nutrient-rich mulch.

Here are some photos, enjoy.