January 19, 2024

Pheasants at My Farm

A trio of colorful pheasants are now members of my farm's flock.

Not long ago, I went to visit the Animal Nation Farm Sanctuary in nearby South Salem, New York, a wonderful and caring organization and go-to resource for at-risk animals from New York City and the surrounding areas. While there, I saw three golden pheasants and decided they would be wonderful additions to my farm. These exotic gamebirds are native to the forests in the mountainous areas of western China. They are not particularly large - males are about 35 to 40 inches in length with their tails making up about two-thirds of that measurement. They are beautifully marked with mainly bright red, orange, and yellow plumage. Right now, these pheasants are getting acclimated to their new coop just outside my stable where they can be closely monitored. I am looking forward to learning about these birds and watching them thrive here at Cantitoe Corners.

Here are some photos, enjoy.