February 3, 2024

A Presentation on Biodiversity and "Rewilding" by Murray Fisher

As the owner of a large property and farm, I work hard to maintain its natural beauty - it's always interesting and inspiring to learn how others do the same in their own backyards.

Over the last few years, naturalist Murray Fisher, and his wife Emily, have worked hard to transform 50-percent of their property back to "wild." The initiative is called "rewilding" and it is an effort to give space back to wildlife and to nature in order to heal the ecosystem. Doing this decreases greenhouse gas emissions and increases biodiversity, while maintaining the existing aesthetics and preserving agricultural value of the land. Earlier this week, I joined fellow members of The Bedford Garden Club for a very special lecture and presentation by Murray on what he did at home to "rewild" his yard and garden.

Enjoy these photos.