October 26, 2007

Carole King and Fall Blooming Perennials in Bedford

Carol King

I was so thrilled to have Carole King visit and perform on my TV show the other day.  Who isn’t familiar with her music?  I still listen to her very first album released in 1971 called Tapestry.  It’s filled with such wonderful hits.  What you may not know about Carole is that she is a prolific songwriter for many other artists as well, with hundreds and hundreds of songs to her credit.  She is also very concerned with our environment and is very involved in raising money to help protect it.  Carole has just released a new DVD called “Welcome to My Livingroom.” (A Concert DVD)  Here we are together at my show.


Amazon Link to the "Welcome to My Livingroom" DVD!

Colchicum and My Pictures

Why do I love Colchicum so much?  Colchicum are fall-blooming perennials, producing cheerful color in the garden when most other plants have faded and are going dormant.  Often misnamed ‘Autumn Crocus’, cultivars are available with single or double blooms in shades of white, lavender, and pink.  Where crocus blooms in the spring, Colchicum actually reverses that plant’s schedule by producing shiny, strap-like leaves in late winter or early spring and then flowering in the fall.  These plants are hardy in zones 4 – 9 and it is best to plant their little bulb-like corms in late summer or very early fall so they can establish a good root system before winter and also send up that beautiful bloom.  Plant the corms in partial shade, 4 – 6 inches deep, in rich, well-drained soil, and bring some spring-like charm to your autumn garden. 

Here are some really nice shots of my Colchium that I took a few days ago, I used my Canon EOS-1D to get these. I hope you enjoy them!