October 26, 2007

My Daughter's Pate de Fruits -- yummy!

For those of you who don’t know, my daughter Alexis is an excellent baker! I was so very impressed with her Pate de fruits -- they were exceptional! Alexis was kind enough to send a box to my chef, Pierre, who agreed that they were delicious. If you want to see more of my daughter’s incredible baking visit:


Here is the excerpt directly from her blog

It's Todd's birthday

October 25, 2007

Todd: a friend of the show (since forever!)

He rejected my raisin bars...so everyone else got them...boss Liz's family likes the ones from Nancy Silverton (they are kinda like spicy, fancy  Pop-Tarts...I think you could leave off the frosting just 'cause it takes away from the look of them, in my humble opinion...although I am sure it tastes good) Jennifer and Martha like the Deborah Madison version...I don't know -- I tasted the Deborah Madison bars -- very good...I will taste the other today...

So, back to Todd...
I sent him a FedEx package, which, of course, he is not home to receive...
In it are two small kitchen items (recommended by others but untried by me) and a box chock-full of homemade pate de fruits.

They are passion fruit flavor (which, with my luck with Todd, he probably detests!) and are very sour and kinda like very fancy Sour Patch Kids (one of my favorite candies). I had never made them before and they require some weird ingredients (like tartaric acid!). Luckily, I was able to get Martha to pick some up for me Tuesday evening and the resulting jellies are fantastic!!

Here is the jelly out of the pan after setting -- the pan was lined with parchment (I unmolded it onto some slippery paper; DO NOT do this -- use parchment!).

Cutting them up -- this is the part that stuck to the paper. Ugh! Soooo annoying!

Sugaring the squares

After sugaring

First layer in box -- the pieces are separated by a long ribbon of cellophane to prevent sticking (I did this accordion style, so the ribbon goes up between each piece, doubles back under the next piece and then up again between the next.

The top layer

Martha loved them, Paulie loved them, I loved them. Todd will hate them WHATEVER! They are my new favorite thing to make!

I got the fruit puree from a website called L'Epicerie -- they have every flavor imaginable!
In fact, you can get all the "weird" ingredients you need to make the jellies on this site. I got the recipe here  (scroll down to see the recipe).

I doubled the recipe and didn't really change anything except I would recommend sifting the granular pectin before adding it, as mine clumped and I had to put the mixture through a sieve in the beginning and then add more.