April 29, 2008

A trip to the 16th annual Garden Furniture Show -- come see my pictures!

This past Thursday, Kevin Sharkey and I attended the Benefit Preview Party and Collectors’ Plant Sale at the 16th annual Antique Garden Furniture Show and Sale at the New York Botanical Gardens, located in the Bronx.  This year there were 36 dealers from around the country, who displayed really extraordinary garden furniture and ornamentation dating from the early 1700’s to the 1950’s.  Some of the highlights of the plant sale included hard-to-find trees and shrubs, and a wide range of unusual perennials for sun and shade.  The really nice aspect of this sale is that plant lovers, like myself, can take a piece of this magnificent botanical garden to nurture and enjoy at home.  It’s also a splendid time of year to be at the Botanical Gardens.  After wandering through the plant sale and the antiques displays, Kevin and I had a difficult time leaving the splendor of all the thousands of bulbs, and the flowering trees and shrubs, all in magnificent full bloom.  Such heaven!   

Wow! I have never seen ten urns in a set before. These would be great in a large formal garden. I was quite tempted but finally decided that I really need other types of garden ornamentation more.

What a wonderful collection of dogs, cats, and other animals made from stone and cement. It seems that so many people are 'decorating' their homes, inside and out, with old garden ornaments, like these.

Another temptation - 3 identical wire-work plant holders - these would be great on a porch or in a long hallway to display begonias or African violets.

We often see Joan displaying at antiques shows. The animals and wire-work belong to her shop.

I really loved these 2 carved stone bowls - good for indoors or out.

These are my friends from Fleur, in Mt. Kisco, NY, who always have beautiful garden furnishings.  They brought an impressive collection of mushroom seats, in carved stone, to this year's show.



Here are 2 monumental limestone planters that I actually purchased - I'm told that they came from a school in the US Midwest.  The plinth, or base, measures 3-feet square.

Mark Morris, the antiques dealer - not the famous dancer-choreographer - sold me the planters.  He had many other items that were extremely beautiful.

Multiples of a kind are very useful in decorating and were actually available in several booths this year.  It's always surprise to find sets of 4 or more.

These carved, stone  Gertrude Jeykll pots really caught my eye - they were very expensive - but so beautifully aged and in mint condition.

I was really drawn to this faux bois cement fountain - large and in perfect moss-covered condition.  The lead liners and the size made it very attractive, but I just didn't know where it would look best in my garden.

Look how beautiful these carved stone urns are.

Also beautiful were these 2 square, stone planters - Kevin really wanted to take these home.

What an exquisite bird cage - luckily it was too tall for my bird room in Bedford

The Steins always have an amazing assortment of very beautiful furnishings for the home and garden - they're extremely knowledgeable, too.

They had a pair of these beautiful urns in moss-covered condition

Bob Withington, of York, ME, has been a fine source of garden and other antiques for years. I love his taste.

a trio of urns and pedestals!

One of 2 lead baskets that would have been good prototypes for a garden basket reproduction.

Brennan & Mouilleseaux also have wonderful taste and many lovely things.

Too bad - red tags mean SOLD!

The plant sale attracts many buyers and a flurry of activity before the antiques show opens.

This statue would be beautiful in the garden or inside the home - I really would have loved her.


My friends bought these 2 carved stone eagles - originally from England, they're in fine condition.

And yet, another great dealer

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