April 30, 2008

From President Bush to Perez Hilton, come see my photos!

This past Saturday was a very busy, but very exciting day.  It started out at my home in Bedford with an Easter egg hunt for about 30 children, accompanied by their parents.  I realize that Easter has come and gone, but this delayed hunt was being photographed for my new Entertaining book.  The spring gardens were lovely, as were the decorations, and fortunately, the weather cooperated for the children to have a really fun time.

Later in the day, my friend, Charles Simonyi, flew us in his jet to Washington DC, to attend the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) dinner held at the Washington Hilton Hotel.  The WHCA was founded in 1914 by journalists who were concerned about protecting the interests of reporters and correspondents assigned to cover the White House.  Its annual dinner is quite a gala, raising money for WHCA scholarships and to honor the professional recipients of the WHCA’S Journalism Awards.  It was wonderful seeing old friends and meeting so many other fascinating people.  I hope you enjoy my snapshots.

Guests arriving on the red carpet at the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner on Saturday night.

I was so happy to meet up with Bill Yosses, a friend who is now the Executive Pastry Chef at the White House. He told me all about recently making the Pope's cake. He is now busy planning Jenna Bush's wedding cake. To his left, is a friend of Bill's

I wore this lovely brown chiffon dress with topaz beads and earrings. Img_0810

This is Perez Hilton, celebrity blogger, who stopped to chat up the Jonas brothers, the American pop-rock band.

There was too much buzz to hear what they were talking about, but everyone was very, very intent! Img_0813

President Bush greeting Charlie Wilson, who is standing next to ABC's Ann Compton, the chairperson of the event.

The very cute and, I must also say polite and well-behaved, Jonas Brothers, have a very large and cute bodyguard.

Here I am with my hostess for the evening, Executive Editor of People Magazine, Betsy Gleick. Img_4760_2

At the party, I bumped into Larry King - that's Charles Simonyi with me. Img_4761

I loved meeting Donatella Versace - her dress was quite form-fitting and beautiful. Img_4762\

It was a pleasure seeing Henry Kissinger, who is always jovial and friendly. Img_4766

My old friend, Patricia Duff - ex-wife of Ron Perlman - looked very glamorous. Img_4767

Here I am with Mr. Donald Graham, son of Katherine Graham, former head of The Washington Post newspaper.  Donald is now CEO and Chairman of the Board of The Washington Post Co. Img_4769

Aaron Eckhart played a handsome chef in his last movie, 'No Reservations' - co-starring with Catherine Zeta-Jones

2 camera guest paparazzi

more guest paparazzi

It was nice to see an old friend, John McLaughlin, of PBS's The McLaughlin Group.


My friend, Charles, entering the Newsweek bash, hosted by Lally Weymouth and her brother, Donald Graham.

The former ambassador to Hungary, Nancy Brinker, and Charles Simonyi, who was born in Hungary. Img_4778

Lally Weymouth looked gorgeous in her red dress.

Former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright - NBC news correspondent, Andrea Mitchell - and Padma Lakshmi, actress, writer, television host.

Charles with Donna Shalala, former Clinton Secretary of Health & Human Services - now President of the University of Miami.

Here I am with Tina and Terry Lundgren. Terry is President and CEO of Macy's.


Evelyn Lauder and Tina Lundgren.

Charles, Lally Weymouth and Leonard Lauder

Here I am with the Commandant of the US Marines, James T. Conway. He gave me a medal for my driver, Rock, who is shipping off to Iraq soon.

US Attorney General, Michael Mukasey and his wife, Susan, standing with Charles.


I had the distinct pleasure of sitting next to Senator John McCain's mother, Mrs. Roberta McCain.  At 96 years old, what an amazing lady!!!

President Bush and the Marine Band

Ed Chen, The First Lady Laura Bush, and David Westin

The President waiting for the dais to be seated

Vice President Cheney, Jennifer Loven on the dais with the honor guard Img_4803_2

Greta Van Susteren and Mrs. McCain

Betsy Gleick, Marcia Cross, and our other host - managing editor Larry Hackett.


Rob Lowe

Marcia Cross's husband Tom Mahoney, and the Jonas Brothers.

Martha and the Jonas Brothers

Marcia Cross, Martha, Larry Hackett.

Rick Kaplan - former president of CNN - gagging Greta Van Susteren, with me laughing. Img_4820

Susan Lyne, Terry Lundgren, and I

We're trying to get a a picture of me with the president - this was the closest I could manage. Img_4824

President Bush in intense conversation with Ann Compton.

Did you know that the 'Charlie' of Charlie's Angels was named after this Charlie Wilson?