June 3, 2008

A cocktail party with Emeril -- come see my photos! What do you think about our partnership?

Recently, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia hosted a party at our Starrett Lehigh offices in New York City.  The reason for the celebration was to honor our new partnership with Emeril Lagasse, his company, and the strategic partners of Emeril. We asked Pierre Schaedelin, chef extraordinaire, to do the cooking. True to form, Pierre created a beautiful buffet of the most delicious food. Come and take a look!

Oh, and by the way, check out the cover of the July/August issue of Everyday Food, on newsstands June 23. For the first time ever, Emeril and I appear on the cover with wonderful grilling recipes inside!


Presented in our Macy's leaf dishes is a lovely salad of fresh
hearts of palm, avocado, and pickled wild salmon. Fresh cream of
asparagus soup, made from my just-picked garden asparagus, was served
in small votive candle glasses.

The asparagus soup was a big hit -- it tasted very rich and creamy;
however, Pierre does not add any cream at all except for the tiny
dollop on top.

In honor of Emeril's culinary background, Pierre created a very
interesting salad of fresh crayfish tails, tomatoes, fava beans, and

One of the chef's highly coveted dishes is homemade pate campagne.

Stacked square cake pedestals from Macy's were perfect for an assortment of thinly sliced salami, head cheese, and hams from Schaller & Weber.

Pierre often makes colorful terrines of vegetables in aspic -- this
one was fresh, tender green asparagus covered in a thin layer of smoked

Bisteeya -- pigeon pie in Morocco -- is encased in crispy light layers of phyllo and then dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar.

There were wonderful cheeses, grapes, and assorted toast -- a great offering for the hungry guests.

Homemade puff pastry cheese straws are something I have always loved
at cocktail parties. I sometimes coat them in cheese, paprika, poppy
seeds, and even spicy cayenne pepper.

Olives, cornichons, fruit bread, nuts, and other condiments were
served in more of the Martha Stewart Collection leaf dishes sold at

Pierre never trained as a pastry chef, but he is creating the most
delectable sweets -- shortbread with lemon meringue topping, rhubarb
crumble, and brownie ganache.

Totally yummy.

Even more yummy.

These desert recipes are all in the new "Martha Stewart's Cookies"
book -- lime meltaways, ginger snaps, biscotti, and many more.

Here is the man himself, dressed formally in a suit and tie standing with our board chairman, Charles Koppelman.

Emeril, Charles, and me.

Just the two of us -- do you know that we pioneered the genre of
television "cooks" on the Food Network? The path was paved,
of course, by the great luminaries of cuisine, Julia Child and Jacques

Emeril, Eric Linquest, and Dave Wenner. Most of Emeril's partners came into the city for the gathering.


Tony Cruz, Emeril's business partner, and Adam Marla.

Lucinda  Scala Quinn, our editorial director of food, and Greg
Barton, our general counsel. Greg worked hard on our acquisition of the
Emeril businesses.

Emeril and his agent, Jim Griffin.

Sheraton Kalouria, president of television at MSLO, book publisher Bob Miller, and his aunt, who happily tagged along.