June 4, 2008

Look at my photos of the gorgeous wisteria in full bloom at my home in East Hampton!

It’s always fun to see how a garden changes over time, so I thought I’d show you what’s happened in just a couple of weeks at my Lily Pond home out in East Hampton.  I was so happy that my schedule allowed me to visit and catch the gorgeous and fragrant wisteria while in full bloom.  It was really quite extraordinary this year, as were the tree peonies. Come see my pictures shot with my Canon 1D Mark III.


Here's an incredible blooming of purple wisteria on one of my arbors at Lily Pond in East Hampton.

This wisteria looks incredibly lush and full against the very blue sky

Another arbor is draped in a white wisteria vine.  I don't know the
varieties - these vines were planted fifteen years ago and were quite
old when they were installed.

Here's a good view of the house - an 1878 beach cottage - shingle style
- last year I added height to the gardens by planting four parrotia
trees in the four quadrants of the rose garden.

The beautiful latticed trellis in front of the house - a clematis
montana 'Rubens' grows lushly over it and two giant boxwood flank it on
either side.

Another trellis to the east of the garden is covered in a slightly less
prolifically flowering wisteria - however it is nicely set off by the
red barberryshrub behind the teal blue iron bench and by the flanking
hedge of Viburnum tomentosa - flowering at the same time as the
wisteria - many people think the hedges are early blooming white

There are some great tree peonies in the garden - here you can see the border around the porch.

some of the large flowering tree peonies

another one - a lovely mauve color

The great big teal blue pots were just planted with alocasia, decandra,
and golden lysimachia - in a few weeks they will have started to grown

Sculpted hornbeams create a lot of garden interest on one side of the swimming pool.

The fence will soon be covered with a lovely teal trellis to match the
rest of the pool surround - we just planted the upright hornbeams
behind the 'stage'.  Sharkey is surveying the new trees.

Francesca examining the newest plantings - the question - does she approve???

A giant tuscan pot is centered on the lawn.  The landscape looked
incredibly vast in the perfect summer light, however, the large beech
and the atlas cedar are on the neighbor's property to the west.