March 25, 2010

A Visit to Witteveen Friesians in Ontario

When I went to Canada this past weekend to attend the Canada Blooms flower and garden festival, I asked my stable manager, Betsy Perretin, to come along.  We paid a visit to Witteveen Friesians, the horse breeder who raised my beautiful horses.  I first became interested in Friesians when I saw a pair that some friends owned and they directed me to Witteveen, located in Brantford, Ontario.  Betsy and I were interested in seeing what horses Harry Witteveen had available to possibly add to my stable, along with Meindert, Ramon, Rinze, and Rutger.

The Friesian Horse originated in Holland, where they were put to work in the fields.  Nowadays, Friesians are used in dressage competitions and as carriage horses because they are so handsome and nimble.  I really love these stately horses and find them to be gentle, responsive, and animated, with that wonderful high-stepping gait that distinguishes the breed.