November 18, 2010

Dinner Out in Greenville and a Reunion With my Nephew and Niece

After our fun, whirlwind day of visiting three Home Depot stores in Tennessee and South Carolina, my travelling companions and I were hungry for a good dinner out.  Our destination was Larkin’s on the River, located in downtown Greenville, along the banks of the Reedy River.  I was very happy that my nephew, Shom Kostyra and his sister, Shannon who live in Greenville, were able to meet us for dinner.  Shom and his brothers, Jonathan and Arrick, work together in the “hot” real estate market of Greenville.

Larkin’s on the River occupies, what was once the Gower Coach Factory, built in 1847.  The factory prospered during the Civil War era, manufacturing equipment and rolling stock for the Confederate Army and civilians, becoming the largest carriage factory in the South.  Today, the restaurant building is the last one remaining of the original six that made up the factory.  This area of Greenville, known as the West End, has had a strong resurgence that began in the 1990’s.  Today, it is a popular area for shopping, dining, the arts, and for living.  Since it was dark, Shom really wanted me to see some of what the West End looks like and he was kind to email some photos.  His are the daylight ones at the end.  Thanks, Shom, and it was great to see you and Shannon!