January 5, 2011

A Winter Visit to Rainbeau Ridge

You may recall last spring, when I blogged about my friend and neighbor, Lisa Schwartz and her farm, Rainbeau Ridge.   Lisa and her husband, Mark, established the farm in 2002 and today, Rainbeau Ridge is an enterprising produce and dairy farm, that has become well-known for the tangy and delicious goat cheese that Lisa makes.  Being very concerned with educating the public about where food comes from, Lisa and the staff at Rainbeau Ridge offer a variety of educational programs to both children and adults.  They have also established a Community Agricultural Partnership, or CAP, where members may purchase the farm's weekly produce of fruit, vegetables, cheese, and eggs, as well as from other vendors vetted by Rainbeau Ridge.  My niece, Sophie Herbert, who has a strong passion for teaching and working with children, especially for educating about food reform, wanted to visit Lisa at the farm to toss some ideas around for potential future projects.  Please enjoy a winter tour of the very special Rainbeau Ridge.