January 10, 2011

The Skylands Kitchen - A Most Functional Space

My last blog about the laundry room at Skylands, my home on the coast in Maine on Mount Dessert Island, generated so many fabulous comments.  Skylands truly is an American Treasure.  Designed by Duncan Candler for Edsel and Eleanor Ford, this magnificent estate was built in 1925 as a summer retreat for the Ford family.  This 35,000 square foot home sits upon 63 verdant acres, overlooking Seal Harbor.  During those summer months, Skylands was abuzz with activity and the Fords enlisted the help of thirty staff members.  The front of the house is where the entertaining took place and the back of the house is where all the “serious” activity occurred.  With many family members and their guests present, the laundry room and the kitchen above, were basically, command central.  I present to you, the Skylands kitchen, much the same today, as it was in the late 1920’s.