April 20, 2012

A Delivery of Brand New Baby Chicks!

Today on my television show, we’re celebrating Earth Day.  The very first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd in 1970 and 20-million people came together to protest environmental destruction and raise awareness for a healthier, more sustainable planet.  Since then, Earth Day has grown to be an annual global event with one billion people around the world joining together to draw attention to the environmental issues we face today.  One of my guests on the show is Traci Torres, founder of My Pet Chicken, making her second appearance.  My Pet Chicken offers advice and tools to urban and backyard chicken owners and she wanted to explain to us all of the  “green” benefits of keeping chickens, as well as what you need to know and have to keep a backyard coop.  She also brought me a special gift of 38 rare breed baby chicks including Black Silkies, Blue Silkies, White Silkies, Buff Brahma Bantams, Black Copper Maran, Blue Splash Maran, and Partridge Penedesenca.  Who doesn’t love a baby chick?

[albumid2 id=BabyChicksAtTheFarm]