June 28, 2012

A Moroccan Feast at my Home

Yesterday’s blog was all about the preparation of a traditional Moroccan bisteeya and I was glad to read in the comments that a cooking lesson was appreciated!  As I mentioned, last Friday evening I hosted a dinner party for thirty guests.  We recently finished taping Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, which will be airing on PBS this coming autumn and I’m so excited!  This dinner was for people who worked on that show’s production, both from PBS and MSLO.  In addition to the fabulous bisteeya, there was also a delicious couscous with chicken, lamb, merguez, and vegetables.  Couscous is a dish of semolina that is traditionally served with a meat or a vegetable stew spooned over it.  Chef Pierre Schaedelin gave guests a choice of both.   On yesterday’s blog, I showed you a cooking vessel called a tagine, and Pierre prepared a savory tagine of lamb and eggplant.  There was also a spectacular dessert of assorted citrus sorbets.  I really enjoyed myself and I think my guests did, too!

[albumid2 id=MoroccanFeastPbs]