June 29, 2012

My Newest Beehive

In May, I told you about how Carlos and D.J. Haverkamp from Bedford Bee Honeybee Service, split one of my beehives, in hopes of forming a new colony.  Well, recently, Carlos and D.J. opened up that hive to check on its progress.  Most new beehives are started by purchasing a 3-pound package of live bees, which contains approximately 12,000 honeybees, including one queen.  Essentially, these are foreign bees, brought from another area.  The beauty of splitting a hive is that bees in the new hive are local and native to the farm.  This is desirable to a beekeeper because the overall bee population will be stronger and will produce more honey.

[albumid2 id=CheckingOnNewHiveQueenBees]