February 25, 2013

Revisiting my Stephanotis Plants

You may recall a blog I posted last August entitled, Stephanotis, the Wedding Plant.   I explained my love for this highly fragrant and beautiful flower.  Because these plants thrive in my greenhouse, I also showed the process of repotting them into bigger containers.  Since then, the vines have gotten even larger and Ryan, my gardener, thought it would be a good idea to repot them once again before onset of the spring planting frenzy.  Last August, he used plastic pots, which proved to be a mistake.  Because the vines are so tall,  being in a light-weight pot, they were easily blown over by wind, during the warm months when they live outdoors.  Rummaging in the greenhouse basement, Ryan found four gorgeous, heavy cement urns that I used in my gardens at Turkey Hill.  They're a lovely basket-weave pattern and the tipping over problem has definitely been solved.

[albumid2 id=RepottingStephanotis]