February 26, 2013

See What's Flowering at my Farm!

NOTE:  I find it very interesting to compare weather patterns from one year to the next.  Last winter was especially mild, forcing many spring flowers to bloom quite early.  Although there is a bit of evidence of new spring growth, it's all pretty normal for this time of year.  Please enjoy this blog posting from last February and let me know how your transition from winter to spring is going.

Yesterday, February 22, the temperatures here in the Northeast were above 55-degrees Fahrenheit!  Things are certainly much different than what we experienced last winter when, at this same time, we still had about a foot of snow on the ground.  As you can imagine, with such mild temperatures, plants are emerging from the soil way too early and many of them are blooming away.  I thought I’d show you what is flowering outdoors at the farm, as well as inside the greenhouse, where you’d expect to see lovely flowers in February!

[albumid2 id=Feb252013Rerun]