May 30, 2014

Meeting General Managers From PBS Television

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to San Francisco to speak at the annual meeting of approximately 1,200 General Managers of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).  My television shows, Martha’s Cooking School and Martha Bakes, are carried by more than 95% of these stations.  And every weekend, more than 1.2 million viewers join me on these very informative shows.  This event was held at the Marriott Marquis, where I also did a book signing and got to meet many of these wonderful and devoted General Managers.  In addition, I taped a social media campaign with the entertaining Cookie Monster, which will be on line sometime in the near future.  Here's what I had to say and scroll down to watch the video:

I want to express my thanks to PBS and WETA… it has been a very collaborative and successful relationship.  Thank you to our sponsors Kitchen Aid, Nordic Ware, Jarden… maker of the famous Ball Jar…and King Arthur Flour.  I’m so happy to continue to be part of your family where the main mission is to educate inform and inspire.  My first special on PBS was in the early 1980’s and we’ve been providing quality content ever since.  Martha Bakes and Cooking School have reached as high as 1.7 million viewers in a weekend with a carriage on PBS stations of over 95%.  On top of that, the re-airs on CREATE are wonderful.  I’ve been told by PBS that my food shows beat most of the shows on the Food Network and Cooking Channel.  It thrills me that real “How To” TV is valued over game shows and silliness.  The recent James Beard Award also show how valued our show is in the food world.  And I have to say, our viewers are pretty cool… Even Snoop Dog is clearly a fan…take a look… I’m so proud we’ve built such a strong bond with our viewers.  They can trust our shows to give them quality information in a beautiful way.  I love to know that I empower cooks in all 50 states to be the bakers and chefs they want to be right in their very own kitchens.  I’m looking towards a long happy relationship between our brand and PBS in the future.

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