June 2, 2014

Visiting Kerala, India - A Guest Blog From MSLO's Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis, AVP Deputy Design Director, oversees all of the textile products that we design, especially the bedding, bath, and kitchen textiles lines for Macy's.  Jessica recently traveled to India and shares this fascinating blog.

Earlier this spring, my family and I spent a week in Kerala, a state at the southwest tip of India.  My family enjoys taking vacations in parts of the world where we can explore different natural settings, and we chose Kerala after reading about the diverse and rare bird and animal species that can be seen in Periyar National Park.  My father, John, is an ornithologist at heart and my husband and I have picked up the birding bug, as well, so we were drawn to the possibility of seeing the many interesting species that are indigenous to Kerala.  This region is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and exotic wildlife.  Throughout history, Kerala has also been valued for its spice production, and was a major spice trade center from as early as 3000 BC, the actual beginning of Spice Trade.  None of us had ever been to India and we looked forward to experiencing the culture and setting, though we only got to experience a small part of the huge and varied country!  It took us more than seventeen hours to fly from New York City to Kochi, one of the largest cities in Kerala.

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